Dry LiningC&L Partitions installs drylining to suit all your needs and requirements.
Drylining is typically a plasterboard which is applied as a finish to internal concrete walls.
It can also be applied to timber or metal frames. It is a lightweight partition and can come in different densities to suit the needs and requirements of the customer.

It has a wide range of uses, namely.

We also offer skimming, taping & jointing of the plasterboard to produce a smooth finish, ready for decoration.

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Maintenance Services

C&L Partitions offer a 24/7 maintenance service for all suspended ceilings (supply & install) and repairs to damaged tiles. We also offer plastering services.

Skimming, Taping & JointingSkimming, Taping & Jointing

C&L Partitions offer skimming which provides a standard plaster finish to our walls and ceilings.
Taping and jointing produces a smooth, continuous, crack free surface ready for final decoration. It involves using tape and fillers, then sanding to get this final result.

Its advantages compared to traditional plastering are:


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